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My Story

Hi, I’m Holly

Adventure + Lifestyle, PHOTOGRAPHEr and Storyteller

I’m a creative storyteller whose life is defined by passion. Photography, writing and the outdoors, it's what I live for. Always looking ahead and for the next best thing, it's hard to confine my creative interests to the ordinary. I'm not afraid to take the lead on your next endeavor, let's create something together.

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Are you an: outdoor loving, soul connecting, new experience seeking, adventure fueled brand that is looking for photos of REAL, HAPPY PEOPLE, playing outside?

Are you looking for content that ELEVATES your brand to bring you to the next level?

Are you an an ADVENTURE filled tourism destination looking to INSPIRE others to connect with your area you value so dearly?

Are you looking to AWAKEN your audience so they feel ALIVE and connected to you?

Do you feel you need somebody to take the reign’s of your content creation, to tell your story?

Well your gal is here - where we headed?

The Whole Story

Okay - where it all began - how do I start. I grew up near the shores of Lake Michigan in Traverse City. I always have loved the sights and sounds of the outdoors, but it wasn’t until my 20th birthday when I received my first camera that I started documenting my adventures seriously. Each free moment of time I had was spent driving out to the shorelines of Leelanau County, exploring every inch I could, visiting my favorite spots and constantly trying to discover new spots, secret swimming holes and views not yet seen by my own eyes. I’d bring whomever I could with me, we’d throw up hammocks, watch the sunset and talk about life. After awhile my adventure companions started to dwindle and i’d find myself venturing alone. I never minded though, something about taking a break from reality and observing the sights and soaking up the essence of the outdoors was healing for me, and documenting each endeavor was my way of sharing.

I packed my bags and headed west for Flagstaff, Arizona. Where I spent 3 years getting my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communications. Majoring in Interactive Design and minoring in Photography. I participated in the universities newspaper all three years, while attaining Photo Editor privileges my senior year. This is where my storytelling interest began to grow, I met all sorts of strange humans, musicians, traveling cyclists, etc.. I learned what it meant to tell a story.

After college I swooped up a job at design firm in Vail, Colorado. For 4 years, I reinforced my need to story tell, but rather through branding, custom web design and marketing materials. I was able to work with adventurers brands, large and small nonprofits along with other types of clientele.

There is nothing more authentic than relating with your audience. The human connection is what binds us, and storytelling is the oldest form of this connection.

Being inside wasn’t enough for me though, and I had to make the jump to start my business to fulfill the needs I craved from this life (and to be outside as much as possible). That’s why I’ve started what you see here. I am a photographer and storyteller. I live to tell your story through outdoor adventures, so that your audience can relate to what you are all about. My clientele are oriented in the same mindset as me, with a passion for the outdoors and need for authenticity.

What I crave more than anything is to tell stories that relate to the soul.

The kind of stories that make you feel like you were there, that make you feel that sense of aliveness that I also felt in that moment. The kind of stories that inspire you to take the time to experience the great outdoors. My storytelling is curated to be authentic about the truth in the moments that make us feel alive, not every person is an extremist or adrenaline chaser, most of us are just looking for the genuine connection that we make with others in time spent outside. Let’s create something together! I look forward to hearing from you.

Let's Create something together


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