Freelance Storyteller, Photographer and Designer

Seasonal Content Package



Storytelling is something fundamental to the human condition, we relate by what others and ourselves experience. I bring my clients stories to life through compelling imagery, words and video. After spending years in marketing as a graphic designer, I saw a need for regular, reliable, beautiful content. Yet it was something that seemed so hard to come by. So after stepping away from design work to start my own company, I asked myself how I could fill this gap. Thus the seasonal content package was birthed, 4 times a year - you get access to high quality content produced by myself. 


This gives you the opportunity to have new content created in a variety of locations without having to pay for large amounts of travel costs, for each shoot. We will be traveling from The Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York, to British Columbia, the deserts of the Southwest, and the green-lands of the Pacific Northwest - plus any and everything in-between. Don’t worry they’ll be plenty of ocean time as well!

Cost Savings + Direct Communication:

With something like this, you get the sourcing of a nationwide photo agency, with the direction communication of a small business owner. As we travel, I will source models locally from each area, and handle the details and production of each shoot, this keeps cost to a minimum. 

Goal Setting & Flex-ability:

About a month before each shoot, we will schedule a time to checkin and set goals for the shoot, is there a new product you want featured? Lifestyle shots in fall weather that are top priority? This gives us a chance to plan ahead and determine best location/ area to suit your needs. 

Consistency and Quality:

As you know having high quality consistency in your brand is important for communicating your story, this will give you the opportunity to have a variety of imagery that will hold up to a high level of quality and look consistent - being that you are using the same creator
for each shoot!