The Cure for Your Winter Blues

The Cure for Your Winter Blues

Don't let the snowpack deter you.

This article is as seen published on The Outbound

It’s been a hell of a winter for us here in Colorado with dreams and glimpses of plentiful powder days, but the fact of the matter is, this winter season has just plain sucked. 

I urge you, though, for this fact not to be an excuse for you to not go play outside. Here we’re lucky enough to have the sunshine. So with the little bit of snow you might have, I advise you to grab your friends, some brats, beverages and find a place to build a booter and have a campfire. Even if you’re not gonna “send it,” it'll get you hiking up a hill to enjoy the festivities in the sunshine. 


Next time to want to complain about the conditions, don’t! Just go play outside. You’ll see from these photos it’s all about your mind set.