The Wonders of Capitol Reef

The Wonders of Capitol Reef

36 hours in Capitol Reef National Park

This article is published on The Outbound.

Capitol Reef may be my new favorite national park. Nothing compares to the wonders of Glacier, but this place comes close in second for me. It’s got all your standard Utah red rock wonders; arches, canyons, scenic landscapes and colorful sunsets.

This park, however, has something different than what I find in most parks. There are lots of high clearance dirt roads to venture out on and the ones in this park are pretty out of this world. 

We didn’t have much time to explore Capitol Reef, with just about 36 hours inside the park (camping about an hour outside the park the night before). You can do a lot in this time .... Read more from the article that is published on The Outbound.