A Hotel Luna Mystica Thanksgiving

A Hotel Luna Mystica Thanksgiving

Normally when we venture out we embark to sleep in the back of our car or somewhere in the dirt. This holiday provided a break from the usual with loads of amenities. 

This article is published on The Outbound.

Our friends invited us to stay for the Holiday at a place called Hotel Luna Mystica, a little 10 camper hotel just outside of Taos in the New Mexico desert for a photoshoot. With all sorts of different vintage campers to stay in, including the ever popular Air Stream. The views provided flat land sights, tall grass and sights peering into the canyon where Angel Fire and Ski Taos are. 

At a HIGHLY affordable nightly rate. You’re greeted by not only the friendly staff but a fluffy friend called Armando, the cat. Dogs and animals are welcome at the hotel for a surcharge of $20! At one point we have 8 dogs playing amounts one another while we watched the sunset around the campfire.

Directly next to the hotel is Taos Mesa Brewing, so its you this hotel and the brewery miles from town - near the Rio Grande Gorge, with Big Horn Sheep flocking around you. Ask the locals about where to find the free hot springs, theres about 4 of them within a 15-60 minute radius. 

We found a glamping gem! Wishing their were more of these sorts of places around. I plan on heading back, and if you find yourself needing a break from the grind and are looking for something different this might be your getaway from “roughing” it.

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